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Dark Shingles vs. Light Shingles: Which Should You Choose?

By | Thursday, July 7, 2016|Roofing|

R ecently a customer asked us a question that comes up relatively often: should I choose dark shingles or lighter shingles? We wanted to tackle this topic in order to help homeowners to be more knowledgeable about the considerations to keep in mind before making the big shingle color decision. Let’s chat about a few facts to consider while you are deciding what color shingle is best for your new roofing system! ROOF COLOR REFLECTS & ABSORBS HEAT One important fact to take into consideration is that your shingle color will affect the internal temperature [...]

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Residential Roofing: Manufacturers Announce September Price Increase

By | Wednesday, August 20, 2014|Residential Roofing, Roofing, Roofing Shingles, Windows|

S everal Roofing Suppliers are increasing prices on Residential Roofing materials to include: Roofing Shingles, Roofing Steep Slope Accessories, ISO and Insulation Products, Single Ply Systems, and Windows. At Duane Mainardi Builders, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date pricing. During the peak roofing season from March to October, we regularly receive roofing material price increase announcements from our local distributors. We believe that it’s a very important step in building trust with our customers to relay this information as quickly and as accurately as possible. We understand that a significant price increase will affect [...]

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8 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

By | Thursday, April 24, 2014|Roof Maintenance, Roof Replacement & Repair, Roofing|

IS YOUR ROOF AT RISK? A fter years of being exposed to snow, wind, hail, sun, rain, and the other diverse weather patterns experienced here in South Jersey, the shingles on your roof can start to wear and tear. Torn, damaged, or missing roof shingles can cause permanent damage to your roof and, eventually, the overall structure of your home. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential roof problems they may be experiencing until raindrops are dropping on their head. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends you do a roof inspection at least two times a year [...]

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Friday’s Roofing Project in Voorhees

By | Monday, March 24, 2014|DMB's Roof Replacements, GAF, GAF Timberline HD Pewter Gray Shingles, Shingle Visualizer, Timberline HD Roofing System|

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! As promised, I have a few photos from the Roofing Project in Voorhees. We have provided before, during and after pictures. I have also provided the type of roofing system that was installed on this structure, including the color, as well. If you are interested in see this particular color shingle on your home, check out our shingle visualizer! You can upload a photo of your own home and "try on" different color shingles. Customers in the past have found this tool extremely useful while deciding what color roof works best on their [...]

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Why Choose A GAF Master Elite™ Contractor?

By | Wednesday, February 26, 2014|GAF Master Elite™, Roofing|

R e-roofing is a process you may not be acquainted with until it is time to replace the roof on your own home. And even then, there’s a lot of information to absorb about products, procedures, and warranties in order to find a contractor that can provide you with services that best meet your individual roofing needs. Therefore, it’s vital to know that you can rely on the roofing contractor you choose to give you good advice about those products and procedures that may be new to you. The key is to find the right roofing contractor for your [...]

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