Roofing Style Guide

E ver wonder how asphalt shingles get their colors? The secret lies in the Science of Color.

Take a look at this short, educational video that explains how manufacturers create different color shades and combinations so that homeowners like you can choose the color that works best for your home!


  • There’s a new trend towards deep, strong colors being used on the exterior of homes. When the body of the house color is strong, a neutral roof color will allow the body color to showcase a home.
  • Dark trim colors are a powerful way to frame a home. When using a dark trim, a roof color that matches or is a shade lighter than the trim color can produce an anchored, coordinated aesthetic.
  • If a home is made of brick or stone, match the color of the roof with the permanent fixtures on the exterior.
  • If you love the splash that red makes on the rooftop, remember that two dynamic colors are not better than one. Make sure the body color is calmer.
  • Two or more body colors combined, along with varied trim colors, are part of a growing trend seen around the country. Roof colors should be simple and neutral in these cases.
  • Combining trendy colors with conventional choices on a home’s exterior ensures that the design will have balance and remain appealing for the life of the roof.