T hese next few months of winter bring bliss for homeowners. It’s when we spend more time in our cozy homes with the ones that we love. Owning a home brings peace of mind, but also means being responsible for its upkeep. As we enjoy the next few months of winter, the most essential element to feeling safe and secure in our homes is achieved by having a lifetime roof over our heads.

Let’s take a look… While hanging your Christmas decorations this Winter, keep these tips in mind to ensure your roofing system is ready for the winter season.


  •  Visually Inspect Your roof for Cracked, Missing, and Curling Shingles
  • This simply means they have reached their lifespan and need to be replaced. You may begin to notice an excessive amount of granules at the base of your gutters after any normal to heavy rain storm.


  •  Inspect Gutters  
  • If gutters are not properly cleared, winter precipitation can freeze, causing damage to your roof and other areas of your home. The roof edge is more susceptible to wind, driving rain and ice dams.


  •  Check for Proper Attic Insulation to Prevent Roof Icing  
  • Just like anything else, insulation can deteriorate over time, consequently lowering efficiency at retaining your home’s warm air during these winter months.  You may notice lingering ice damming, which is often the result of poor insulation in the attic.

    “Properly insulating a home can save you 10- 20 percent on your energy bills,” HVAC experts say.


  •  Check for Damaged Fascia Boards 
  • Fascia boards typically suffer damage from water exposure, with clogged gutters being one of the main causes. It can also suffer damage if water gets behind the gutters due to a lack of overhang by the shingles or from winter ice dams. You can spot fascia damage by looking for cracks, splinter or discoloration.

    TIP: One additional way to protect the fascia is to install drip edge, which is an L-shaped piece of metal that is nailed into the roofs decking.


  •  Look for Blistering Paint on Interior or Exterior Walls
  • While inside, check the ceiling for any visible water stains. After you check out your attic, walk around your house and see if you can spot any areas of excessive cracking on the exterior of your home. This can be a sign attributed to high levels of moisture being trapped in attic spaces due to inadequate ventilation.


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