G AF has recently updated its technical advisory bulletin on a very confusing, yet familiar subject for those of you looking to replace your roofing system: Proper Attic Ventilation. We had actually created a post about the importance of Attic Ventilation back in February, however, with the updated bulletin from North America’s largest manufacturer (GAF), we want to be sure homeowners in the market for a new roofing system are properly informed on this subject as it is extremely important for the longevity and comfort of your home.

A lot of you may be wondering, why is ventilation so important?!


For centuries home were not ventilated and it worked then…didn’t it?

Well, there are several reasons that ventilation is more important today than it was long ago. Older homes usually didn’t have insulation in the walls, so fresh air could pretty easily enter through all of the gaps, cracks and holes in the building envelope. Not to mention, building materials used 100 years ago were mostly natural products. With advances in construction products and procedures, proper ventilation has become a universal concern.

Inadequate ventilation from your attic to the outside may result in a multitude of problems to include heat and moisture buildup, increased energy costs, the deterioration of attics, roof structures, shingles, and even paint.


  • Vent out stale air; pulls in fresh air
  • It is energy efficient and can lower cooling costs
  • Prevents mold, mildew, and wood rot
  • Required to validate warranty coverage for many roofing shingles


  1. What precautions need to be taken
  2. How do continuous soffit, fascia ridge and hip venting work
  3. How to avoid attic ventilation problems
  4. How ventilation affects warranty coverage

To view the entire recently updated Technical Advisory Bulletin on Proper Attic Ventilation document, please click here.

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