W e always keep our customers’ in the loop because an informed homeowner, is a happy homeowner! We recently received a letter from ABC Supply notifying us of a general price increase that will be taking place this Summer.

At Duane Mainardi Builders, we are committed to providing our customers with the most up-to-date pricing. We believe that it’s a very important step in building trust with our customers to relay this information as quickly and as accurately as possible. We understand that a significant price increase will affect our customers purchase decision and we want to help you make the best decision the first time around!


As noted in the attached document, this increase is not being driven by oil or asphalt increase. In fact, the increase is being driven by several factors:

  1. The economy and unemployment are back to pre-2008 levels.
  2. Organic demand for shingles has risen steadily at 2 to 3% and last year was approximately 113 million squares of shingles with very little storm activity.
  3. So far this spring, we have had unprecedented amounts of hail and rain pummeling the Southwest cities and California.
  4. This past week we have seen additional hail and damaging winds throughout the upper Midwest, Washington DC and the Carolina’s. All of these have hit populated areas. As a results, shipments from manufacturers have extended lead times of over 60 days from time of order.


ABC Supply Co. Inc., 

A general price increase for June has been planned due to the above factors. It is believed that supply constraints will continue throughout the next few months and probably well into the fall season.


On or around June 15th:

  • 5-10% general increase


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